Babyhood…in the time of corona

Making my films Babyhood and Freedom to Learn were both huge missions of love and a creative outpouring of the … More

Camila Batmanghelidjh

These children are being failed by us all. The one place they relied on some help from, has gone, and reading the mainstream media’s narrative, no-one cares about them. And with that idea floating around a mind that already is “surviving trauma”, what hope can we have of healing these poor troubled amazing children to take part in society and follow the wishes of any individual/community let alone government rather than continue along some unresolved, unsupported, unloved path.

Babyhood wins the FILM-MAKER’S CHOICE (Conscious Art) award!!!

I’m so pleased and proud to say that BABYHOOD has won an Award, after being part of Culture Unplugged Festival. … More