Babyhood…in the time of corona

10year - 1Making my films Babyhood and Freedom to Learn were both huge missions of love and a creative outpouring of the myriad of feelings that i had after having my children. I saw how this (pre-corona!) society wasn’t willing for me to make space for them and instead wanted me to jump back into being the consuming, busy, working person i was before, only now i could consume on behalf of these little people too.

With every passing year my films become more relevant that ever, and with this current pandemic with so many parents forming renewed relationships with their children, the appetite for this dialogue is more acute.

My message has always been to help mothers and fathers to find their instincts again and to bring up their children based on their own core values, not that of a society focused on money and power, but instead based on mutual love and understanding.

And now during this lockdown we are being given opportunities to rewrite and renew the importance of our children in our lives, with spending more time together, and having the unwelcome “stress” of trying to teach them ourselves.

I want to remind all you wonderful parents that every moment they are learning.

In every moment they watch you, they are learning the more valuable of life skills, the interconnectedness of us all. Emotional security is the one thing they don’t teach in schools, and yet it will set your child up for a fulfilling and successful life. Knowing that we are loved enables us all to move through our lives freely and joyfully.

please watch my films if you haven’t done before and join me in revolutionising the way we live…one relationship at a time


peace and love xxx

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