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Currently both my recent films are available on Vimeo, and the links are below. However I have also got DVD’s available to sell and am happy to help organise community screenings for groups of parents to watch together.

watch BABYHOOD here

Award-winning documentary BABYHOOD featuring Hollie McNish’s ingenious poetry about motherhood.
“It forces us to look at the choices we are all making unconsciously, living in the 21st century world. It asks us, please, to start making those choices consciously.” Suzanne Zeedyk



Following on from her award winning documentary ‘Babyhood’, director Kate Jangra explores the current education system, how children learn best through self-directed play and looks at some of the ways children might benefit from a different way of learning.

“I was forced to do everything, whether it would be get up in the morning, sit down, be quiet, learn this, do that, go home, do your homework, go to bed, do it all again, and if you don’t comply, you get labelled and medicated” Carmen, 30 (Contributor to the film).



  1. I am writing my dissertation on exactly this! I study social anthropology and after having my first child i too was filled with questions about how we parent. Your film is going to be an incredible insight for me when i get the chance to view it

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      I am so glad to hear this! I can send you a DVD if you want. Your dissertation sounds fascinating, if I can help in any way please let me know!
      Thanks for connecting

  2. Hi, I would really love to watch this film, but just wanted to ask how I go about getting it?
    Many thanks,

  3. Thank you for your film! I read Sue Gerhard’s book recommended as essential during our NCT course. I read a few more similar books. I read a bit of Gina Ford too. Your film will give me the confidence to just smile politely when people start giving me their well intentioned advice on what to do with our 10 week old…and to follow my instinct:-)

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    I’d really like to see this film. Is there anywhere online it can be accessed?
    Many thanks

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