I have decided to make this award-winning 50minute documentary film available to all, especially in light of the current climate in the UK.

It is a very hard time to be a parent who wants to stick to your own ideas for how you want to raise your kids. I hope this film may help you to commit to following your instincts!

This personal film explores how today’s world is not designed to help a mother listen to, and act upon, her primal child-rearing instincts.

A mothers DNA is hardwired with every tool she will need to care for, and ensure, her child’s growth and survival. Yet, society encourages her to look outside of herself for the answers, with every conceivable part of motherhood catered for, packaged and ready for immediate consumption.

The ultimate tragedy is that our children and subsequent generations will suffer in ways we may not yet comprehend.

Learning to parent occurs in harmony with learning to be a child. There is no rulebook as parental growth is a very personal journey.

Today, mothers feel immense pressure and guilt to live lives that encompass a career, motherhood and a relationship. This expectation to live a perfect life has led to an anxious, disconnected generation who have become reliant on a plethora of ‘experts’, carers, newfangled devices, theories and unsolicited advice to support them in their balancing act.

The emergence of this ‘new motherdom’ has infected the very nature of being a parent and the intimate and personal space shared between parent and child.

What has happened to our instincts? This film sets out to help every woman rethink the world they are being forced to consume as current and future mothers.

The conclusions may revolutionise our society in a small but significant way, if we all start to listen once again…to ourselves.

And when we apply these rediscovered human traits, we could begin to see a closing of the expanding gulf between ourselves, and our children.


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