Choose Good Waterfalls

A piece on caring for yourself beautifully by Jaiya John

I have left Instagram, in order to step outside of the world of social media and try to define what I feel life is about and how I want to spend my time. And also to come up with my next film as I feel my creative urges rumbling…

In this time and moment of freedom, I am starting to collate the people’s whose voices I still want to hear on my life’s journey. And so I am sharing here this offering from Sacred Word with Jaiya John

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


The young man puts his heart into words along the margins of his favorite book. The book and the words will now be his gift to her:

Dear Miss,

Please take good care of yourself. I do not have many beautiful things in my life. I would not want anything to happen to you.

Please take care of your heart. I can feel you carrying my pain. A heart can only hold so much. Make sure you treat yours well, you ask it to do so much feeling.

Laugh and cry each day, sometimes both bring healing tears. Sometimes, neither does, but both break open the scars that seal our souls, leaving them tight and stiff. Laughing and crying keep us open and full of life.

Make sure to do the things that make you feel good about yourself, as often as you can. Learn how to Love who you are. Make yourself safe on the inside, even if your work doesn’t always make you feel safe on the outside.

Choose good waterfalls under which to stand. You can’t Love yourself properly unless you shower yourself with people who see your truest beauty flaming as a candle inside. Those who Love you but cannot see you are often careless with the way they breathe in your direction, and blow your candle out.

Forgive yourself as often as you disappoint yourself, so you can be free to try again with new wings. Learn new ways to call yourself Beautiful. Practice letting hurtful people’s words and actions pass through you as though you are not there.

Remember to breathe. Turn off your brain when it gets too rowdy. Lose yourself in good music when all around you is awful noise. Be an archaeologist, dig for priceless treasures beneath the dirt. Shine a light on ignorant conversation, that way you won’t trip and stumble on karma in the dark.

Fill your mind with your favorite flowers, don’t wait for Love’s bouquet. Avoid clouds of human pollution when you can’t breathe your inner air.

Grow accustomed to spending time and energy on your state of being, invest in this stock that blesses its investors miraculously, pay the price for peace.

And know that I pray deeply for your soul. May it dance long and joyful in its own sunlight, that this world be blessed by your fullest blossom.

Excerpted from my book Legendary: A Tribute to Those Who Honorably Serve Devalued Children.

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And thank you for encouraging your humans to join us here.


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