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Today as I was walking along minding my own business a man stopped me and said “is there a baby in there? On your back?” To which i replied smiling – “yes.” He then said “can it… breathe?”

I am posting about this as it is the second time it has happened and twice from men, and it has left me feeling really annoyed and frustrated. I don’t understand why it is anyone’s business to start with, and think surely they should be stepping in when someone is physically assaulting their child rather than wearing them in a sling! It’s an ergo sling too, and that is worse as it looks like a backpack – totally breathable!

Anyway saw this picture, which cheered me up!

by cecile grant

When you crave stillness and peace, and can find a few minutes to sit quietly, try this meditation.

Breathe in light

Breathe out fear

Breathe in hope

Breathe out worry

Breathe in a spirit of adventure

Breathe out perfectionism

Breathe in admiration of the “other” mothers

Breathe out jealousy and envy

Breathe in self-care and taking time for  spiritual growth

Breathe out guilt

Breathe in peace

Breathe out constant busyness

Breathe in a loving partnership

Breathe out pettiness

Breathe in being here now

Breathe out distractions

Repeat until any and all negative feelings are released. And then:

Inhale love

Exhale peace

Inhale love

Exhale peace

Inhale light

Exhale light

Inhale love

Exhale love

Inhale peace

Exhale peace


So I have found a term that I had to google to try to understand…it seems lots of parenting blogs in the US are calling themselves crunchy. I found this quiz , which duly I did and was told from my answers I am a “Super Nutty, Ultra-Crunchy, Granola Earth Mama!”

Anyway to try to define this to any of you who don’t know about crunchy, I am led to believe it means something along the lines of natural birth, organic eating, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, delayed vaccinations and all the other hippie ideals founded in the golden age of the 60’s (before my time…!)

So my problem with it is as ever the fact that we need to label each other, and then be part of the gang or outside it. And as much as I like being an “earth mama” – granola isn’t paleo…

Once upon a time I would have happily been vegetarian, and have always avoided as much processed food as I could, but my DH has introduced me to the concept of Paleo evolutionary nutrition principles lately (i.e. low/no sugars, no processed food, no/low dairy, low grains, lots of meat/fish/nuts/eggs) and it has changed our lives. (if you want to know more you can check out: The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.) We are lucky as have a farmers market close by where we can buy direct from farmers, some free range and some organic.

So as I tuck into my crunchy peanut butter (organic and no added sugar!) rice-cake I am wondering whether I should label myself crunchy?

I am proud of my homebirth and believe all women can birth naturally given the opportunity

I love breastfeeding and know it is giving/has given my children the best start in life

I converted my life to living organically as much as possible soon after reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Co-sleeping made sense to me especially after reading Deborah Jackson’s book Three in a Bed

I made my film Babyhood because of an instinctual feeling that attachment is so relevant to our lives…and I wanted to make it something that we can all achieve.

I couldn’t resist posting this, which i found when I was looking for breastfeeding images to help set up a friends blog today. He is yummy eh?!

i have just realised that my little one is fast becoming a big one.  And along with that is the words he uses are changing. He used to ask to “by” which meant carry me. Now he says “pick me up”.

so the new little one’s nearly 3 months – wow how time flies…and he has started to smile at me with his eyes and the loveliest little dimple on his right cheek…aaah

anyway not much time to promote my film, keeping his big brother occupied, but did become a fan of Pinterest recently as it seems there is at last a way of sharing stuff and so much nicer to look at than delicious or stumble – i’m hooked!

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