by cecile grant

When you crave stillness and peace, and can find a few minutes to sit quietly, try this meditation.

Breathe in light

Breathe out fear

Breathe in hope

Breathe out worry

Breathe in a spirit of adventure

Breathe out perfectionism

Breathe in admiration of the “other” mothers

Breathe out jealousy and envy

Breathe in self-care and taking time for  spiritual growth

Breathe out guilt

Breathe in peace

Breathe out constant busyness

Breathe in a loving partnership

Breathe out pettiness

Breathe in being here now

Breathe out distractions

Repeat until any and all negative feelings are released. And then:

Inhale love

Exhale peace

Inhale love

Exhale peace

Inhale light

Exhale light

Inhale love

Exhale love

Inhale peace

Exhale peace