the wisdom of trauma

I cried through most of this amazing film. I already knew and admired Gabor, but this film is a wonderful exploration into our inner worlds and how we act on our trauma in our daily lives, and leaves us with an inspiring message that there is healing in feeling the pain.

When I made my film BABYHOOD, I tried to communicate the importance of the early years on a person’s life. I risked saying that a baby needs to be held and comforted in order for their brains to grow and function. In this film, THE WISDOM OF TRAUMA, Gabor too says that to leave a crying baby is to inflict trauma on that child.

And I felt watching this, that because we are so traumatised as a society, as well as individually, we can be so lost in our wounding that we primarily feel guilt and shame as mothers and parents, so we become defensive and closed to these ideas.

Finding compassion for ourselves is the first bit of work we need to do. Freeing ourselves of our internal critics, and instead finding our inner champions to hold us as we process the pain. I am on my own healing journey and it is so wonderful to find a film that speaks so clearly to that journey.

I urge you to take advantage of the premiere and watch The Wisdom of Trauma before the end of the week’s premiere…

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