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We had a really successful screening in Bristol at the Steiner Academy, which is in a beautiful building called St. Matthias. The theatre was spacious and it was very exciting for me to see the film on a big screen!

After the film, we had a fascinating discussion with Wendy Ellyat and Agnes Javor from the More than a Score Campaign in Bristol and Bath. We posted a Facebook Live video here of the discussion after. We found out later that we needed to record portrait – so hope you don’t get a sore neck watching this!

The highlights for me were the coming together of people in the audience that work in all areas of education, and how in this, people are united in trying to make a better world for children.

And it is really serious as children’s lives are worth so much more than a bad governmental decision about how to evaluate schools…

I’m looking forward to taking the film around to other venues and talking to more people. Although I am just a filmmaker…and the real changes need to happen politically…


It feels like ages ago that I was heavily pregnant and rushing to finish my film, now i have a 4 week old baby taking up all my time!

So I am just taking each day at a time, and trying to sleep whenever i get the chance! But I couldn’t resist a post, as I have had some lovely feedback on the film, and thought i would publish some here…

anonymous 5 March 17:43
I really enjoyed your film, Kate, and am seriously impressed that you accomplished something so beautiful and poignant with a young child and pregnancy! I am sharing it as far and wide as possible. Oh, and loved the poet – who is she?!
Well done Kate! An excellent film on an emotive and important subject – our kids, our future! Many interesting points raised…And made while looking after one little rascal and brewing another, good work!
Ariadne Oliveira
inspirational without being patronizing. you stroke a magic balance!