a new mum awake in a zombie like state…

It feels like ages ago that I was heavily pregnant and rushing to finish my film, now i have a 4 week old baby taking up all my time!

So I am just taking each day at a time, and trying to sleep whenever i get the chance! But I couldn’t resist a post, as I have had some lovely feedback on the film, and thought i would publish some here…

anonymous 5 March 17:43
I really enjoyed your film, Kate, and am seriously impressed that you accomplished something so beautiful and poignant with a young child and pregnancy! I am sharing it as far and wide as possible. Oh, and loved the poet – who is she?!
Well done Kate! An excellent film on an emotive and important subject – our kids, our future! Many interesting points raised…And made while looking after one little rascal and brewing another, good work!
inspirational without being patronizing. you stroke a magic balance!

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