I am devastated. I will look up my interview with Camila and publish as she is totally devoted to these vulnerable children, and I am so sad for them and for our society. We will all suffer because of this. Every one of us has a responsibility to look after the innocent children. It is immoral to allow Kids Company to close, especially as we bailed out RSBC for so much more. I feel sick. will this lead to riots?


I woke up this morning to the news that Kids Company, behemoth of the youth sector and the organisation to which I owe my initiation into this shadowy and (once) unfamiliar territory is about to shut its doors imminently. I originally set up this blog as a new Key Worker at KidsCo, eyes open wide with the intensity of the issues, stories and events I was experiencing. Hopeful and enlivened by the incredible people I met and their dedication to those they worked with, my initial intention was to showcase some of these dedicated, zealous mercenaries of youth work for whom I have so much respect. Unfortunately the pressures of the work, emotional energy needed to do it, and my increasing passion for establishing new projects while working there prevented me from making this project happen.

It is with a sad irony that this morning, on hearing that KidsCo is to shut its doors…

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