Why do children need play?

Do we need to re-think the word “play”? It seems so frivolous for actually an activity that provides so much learning of life skills….

Love Outdoor Play

Take 3 minutes today and listen to the wisdom of Bob Hughes, a very well known thinker and author of books about play and playwork on the evolutionary necessity of play, especially play outdoors, for children.

“Fundamental building blocks for humanness and humanity….requires children have diverse experiences that are hands on…”

“it’s the flexibility you need, not the specific skills”

And the environment? If we don’t have that sort of interaction with it as a child… we won’t care about it…

Enjoy! And Share!

This clip was shot by the crew behind the film Project Wild Thing  which will be showing at your local Picturehouse cinema on 27th October! Please note they aren’t advertising it yet, but rest assured it will be there. Mark it in your diaries. And tell all your friends.

So do you agree? And why do you think outdoor play is important?

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