Russell Brand

I just watched this – Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery and am so pleased that someone else is looking at societies ills with a view to repairing them with love and compassion.

As an ex-addict Russell Brand speaks very convincingly of the need for there to be an abstinence based recovery for addicts, and for us to view addiction as a public health problem rather than a criminal offense.

One of the groups he talks to, say that we need to welcome people back into the community, as this is where they came from before they became addicts. I wholeheartedly agree and am so pleased to see another Chief Superintendent talking so candidly about helping these people.

Just like Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan when he talks in Babyhood about addressing these issues at the start of life. If only these 2 men’s attitudes were more prevalent in senior positions, and in parliament. Unfortunately our politicians seem to lack any real integrity or insight into life for anyone else.

Thanks Russell. And for more even impressive speaking at the Parliamentary Select Committee…check this out

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  1. Thank you, I included Brand’s video in one of my blog postings.
    Also posted at the Caravan for Peace FB page.

    I met up with this group of folks from Mexico here in Toledo (Ohio!)
    Most of the 80 “cavaneros” have had friends/family murdered in the drug wars in the past 10 years or so. They started criss-crossing the US in late August and I think they are in DC now. There stories were heart wrenching.
    This so called “war on drugs” has to be replaced with a better way to address addiction.
    A health based (rather than criminal based) way is definitely a viable option.
    Thank you for this great thoughtful post.

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