Reading the Riots…

I can’t help but be fascinated in why the latest BBC film The riots in their own words was pulled last minute from it’s scheduled broadcast last night. It seems a court order is to blame and we know not who from…

So I wanted to have a look at the evidence that LSE and the Guardian compiled from an amazing team of researchers, and came across these films that I have posted here. My favourite is at this link:

Reading the Riots: ‘It was a war, and we had the police scared’

What is coming through, and something that I observed when I worked with a number of local young people, is that there is widespread fear and dislike of the police. Many are quoted as saying “it was revenge against the police”. Is this why the programme was not aired? Would it incite people? Surely by withholding it there will be a huge amount more people wanting to see it?


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