going international…

My film has started to be watched on the other side of the world. Australia. There seems to be a big community of instinctual parenting in Australia, not that I met any when I was there at least a decade ago. But in those days I couldn’t have been less interested in babies!

It has also been watched in Denmark. As far as I understand Denmark is way more progressive than the UK with the length of maternity leave and paternity leave. If only we could follow in their footsteps with that, and with the way they educate their young children, they allow them to play up until 6 and only then start trying to teach them to read and write or is that Sweden…? Sue Palmer talked to me extensively when I met her, and as a Literacy Specialist I think she would know.  I wish I could be assured that when i send my little one’s to nursery school there wasn’t someone trying to teach them to read and write rather than just play and sing…

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