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Dirt is good – and lets celebrate it – ironic coming from a huge brand of washing powder, and even more so considering the ingredients that Persil contains, which illustrates their lack of concern for children’s future, as it is seriously toxic to the environment. But that aside…well done to them for these videos, it is about time we looked at the world from a child’s perspective. Although cynical old me did wonder how many of the kids ideas were true and how many ideas were written by a copywriter!
And they copied my idea! bah

Rethinking Childhood

A couple of weeks ago the UK laundry brand Persil (known in many parts of the world as Omo) released a set of short videos called ‘Kids Today’. The aim is to give parents insights into the intrinsic value of play, using ‘point of view’ cameras to bring the viewer closer to the world as seen through children’s eyes. Here is the first, entitled ‘Play Face’.

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I saw this and was totally inspired. I wish we could be braver about the way we allow our children to play.

Well done Hollie McNish again for such beautiful words that bring tears to my eyes. And lovely film too.

Rethinking Childhood

This video (words by Hollie McNish, video by film maker Ben Dowden) stopped me short with its power and rhythm, and the interplay between words and images.

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