Yet again I have found a response from Sarah that totally clarifies what I am parenting for. More empathy. More peace and more love.

Originally posted on Sarah Ockwell-Smith - Parenting Expert:

A few days ago the HuffPost posted this article: 5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting is in Crisis – According to a British Nanny and social media has been awash with horrified responses ever since.

I must admit the article made me feel a little sick too, my personal opinion is that it is precisely because of experts like the author of the Huff Post article that modern-day parenting is in crisis.

I do however agree with the author, modern day parenting is in trouble. Like the author I too have worked with thousands and parents and their children across two decades and what I see worries me, what worries me more however is the advice these parents are given and trustingly follow.

Here are the five greatest problems facing modern day parents in my opinion:


1. A Fear of Listening to our Children.

The vast majority of today’s parents blindly trust the…

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